Auto Mains Failure Controller AMFR-904

The AMFR-904 is an Auto Mani Failure Relay that offers excellent range of engine monitoring and protection features. This microprocessor-based controller includess 8 push-buttons, 19 LED lamps, 3-digits of 7segment LED display, 8 relay outputs, 9 digital inputs, 20 programmable parameters, Hour-meter and 2 operating modes. The module has been designed to monitor engine temperature, low oil pressure, fails to start, fails to stop, charge failure, over speed and under speed.

  • Microprocessor based design.
  • Suitable for Single/Three Phase application.
  • Membrane key pads with tactile feed back.
  • In-built Engine Monitoring & Protection.
  • Compatible for Water/Air Cooled Engine.
  • Manual Start/Stop Control.
  • Isolated Relay outputs.
  • Built-in Run-time & Rest-time programs.
  • Tamper Proof Engine Run Hour Counter.
  • Simulated Mains function for Remote.
  • Control of DG Set.
  • Pluggable terminal for easy installation & maintenance.