Electronic Voltage Regulators

Regulated supply is needed for critical elements in the panels for various applications, while the input supply varies widely. Electronic VoltageRegulator fills this gap by ensuring steady output voltage of 220V ? 10% while input voltage varies anywhere between 90 to 200 V AC. EVR is built using latest microcontrollers and uses components that are time tested to withstand the field conditions.

  • Microcontroller based design.
  • Handles wide input voltage fluctuation.
  • Cuts off output in case of high input voltages.(>300V).
  • Built in Hysteresis to isolate oscillating input voltage.
  • LED indicators.
  • Compact Design, easy to integrate in existing installations.
  • Protects contactor from frequency failures due to power Supply fluctuations in the field..
Rated Input Voltage : Line to Neutral90 to 300VAC
Rated Output Voltage220V 10%
Rating100 VA
Efficiency at full load & min/max Input range97%
Input & Output terminationThrough Screw less connectors suitable for 4 Sq.mm cable size
LED IndicationCut off due to voltages < 90V and Cut off due to Input voltage > 300V.
Over all dimension in mm110(w) x 175(h) x 73(d)
Weight1.95 Kg. approx
MountingUse M5 Screw for fixing the module. Base mounting with 4 holes fixing of pitch 85(w) X 155 (h).