Indoor type AMF Panel for BSNL

This panel is designed based on BSNL specification with lot of advance features.

  • R Y B Indication for EB & DG Supply monitoring.
  • Set of Engine Instruments for monitoring various Engine Parameters.
  • Multi Data Meter for monitoring EB/DG Power parameters.
  • AMF Controller with TCP/IP communication protocol.
  • In-Built GSM Modem to transmit the Alarm message over GPRS communication network.
  • Separate Engine Safety Unit for Manual mode protection.
  • Built-in Power Change Over Switch to bypass the total AMF Panel in case of emergency.
  • Dual Charging system for charging the Engine Battery.
  • Set of PFC contacts for transmitting the various Alarm to BTS for remote monitoring.
  • In-Built EVR to energize the EB Contactor even in very low & high input voltage conditions (90-300VAC).