The microprocessor based temperature scanner SUNSACN is available in different models, suitable for RTD,T/C,ma and mv types of input. The Scanner scans all input channels continuously and compares it with alarm and trip settings and generates outputs. The Scanner has two levels of operation.

Operator level permits channel display selection, Auto/Hold mode, alarm acknowledge and dwell time adjustment.

The supervisory level is permitted through password control to adjust Alarm & Trip settings, group configuration, output response adjustment, addition/deletion of channels and many more.
  • Site programmable.
  • Dynamic color change for trip and non trip.
  • Annunciators are also provided with Universal Power Supply ranging from 90 - 270V AC/DC. The Power Supply offers very high noise immunity.
  • Our Annunciators are tested at ETDC and SAMEER - Chennai for various type tests as per IS 9000 and IEC 255-4.
  • RS 485 communication port available. MODBUS Slave RTU protocol supported.
  • Window wise NO / NC selection.
  • Dispensation of DIP switches and can be programmed through Test/Accept/Reset push buttons provided in the panel.
  • Insertion of legends/changing the existing legends possible from the front, without disturbing the unit.