Tractor Web Client

Tractor web client , a compact device installed in tractor (any other automotive) can monitor critical engine parameters and faults and report it to the server. The device has built in GPRS modem for communication with internet. The device helps the maintenance team in exactly finding out the reason for tractor failure along with past history. This reduces service visits of vehicles and personnel, the service personnel can carry exact spares to rectify the problem etc. This enormously saves warranty and maintenance costs for the tractor OEM.

  • Built-in GSM/GPRS modem.
  • Built-in LCD display, Keys.
  • Monitors key engine paramters and faults.
  • Small compact form factor unit.
  • Easy to Install/Configure.
  • Configuration through LCD/Keys.
  • Saving/Restoring configuration from Flash.
  • Easy to use GUI for monitoring the asset.
  • Instant fault alerts through SMS/Email.
  • Online monitoring of automotive Engine parameters from popular web browser.
  • Analysis of old and current data through tables/graphs.
  • Remote code upgrade.
  • Live analysis of parameters for critical trouble shooting.
  • Secured data storage and retrieval from always-on high-availability server.
  • Store/Forward of critical data in case of connectivity problems.
  • Stores last 200 record in flash.