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The AMFR-904 is an Auto Mains Failure Relay that offers excellent range of engine monitoring and protection features. This microprocessor-based controller includess 8 push-buttons, 19 LED lamps, 3-digits of 7segment LED display, 8 relay outputs, 9 digital inputs, 20 programmable parameters, Hour-meter and 2 operating modes. The module has been designed to monitor engine temperature, low oil pressure, fails to start, fails to stop, charge failure, over speed and under speed.


Microprocessor based design.
Suitable for Single/Three Phase application.
Membrane key pads with tactile feed back.
In-built Engine Monitoring & Protection.
Compatible for Water/Air Cooled Engine.
Manual Start/Stop Control.
Isolated Relay outputs.


Built-in 3Digit of 7Segment Display is very much useful for programming various timer settings.
Pluggable connectors provided on the back of the module for easy termination & maintenance.
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