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The Generator Control Station is a complete digital console for generators to monitor and control the key parameters thereby ensuring the safety of the Generator. GCS-909 is suitable for local and remote start/stop applications. The controller can be used in electronic and non- electronic engines for providing monitoring and protection.
The same controller can also be used in Industrial engine only applications. The Controller is equipped with graphics LCD display for showing the parameters and running faults in graphical and character formats.The controller monitors key engine parameters such as Oil pressure, Water Temperature, Fuel level, battery voltage, charging current, RPM(monitored through Main alternator voltage/MPU/Charging alternator) and Frequency. It also monitors safety switches such as, High Water temperature, Low Lube Oil Pressure, Low Fuel Level, Radiator Water Level, Canopy temperature.
The Controller supports basic level configuration using keys and display; allowing field level staff to modify parameters which require customization at the time of installation. All advanced level parameters are configurable only from a PC based application through USB port. The controller offers electronic start/stop facility without need for manual keys. The controller offers many features such as setting delay values, set-points, switch configurations etc.


Microprocessor based design.
32 bit ARM controller based design, compact.
Dynamic Graphic display for viewing values, status, faults and configuration.
Designed for air / water cooled, high speed engines.
Tamper proof engine running hour meter.
RS 485 communication port with MODBUS support.
USB port for PC based configuration.
Configurable delay values and set-points.
Power save mode.
Electronic Start/Stop.
Facility to Remote Start/Stop.
Configurable 5 attempt cranking.
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