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Substation Automation System

Substations are integral part of any plant which consume or export power. This substation needs to be automated so that the parameters are monitored continuously so that the plant’s consumption adheres to the designed boundaries. In order to achieve that the automation system employs several IEDs such as RTUs, reclosers, PLC , V meters, metering at several stages switching, volt / VAR , wave form monitoring, event data, management etc. It is also essential to follow the required IEC standards.

SIAS has executed several Substation automation projects for


Electricity Boards
Solar plants



Predictive maintenance through analysis of operating conditions.
Built-in control & protection mechanisms
Enables integration of protection systems
Common database
Web-enabled design
IEC 61850 Substation Automation


Substation Control & Monitoring System (SCMS) Applications

Automatic voltage control
Tap position monitoring
Load & bus transfer
Load curtailment
Capacitor control
Maintenance mode support
Fault detection


Switching Sequence - Key Features

Graphical display of selected switching devices
Multi-level switching request approval
User-friendly switching plan builder
Assignment of user-definable & interlock logic
Unlimited switching plans each with an unlimited number of switching actions
Switching order reports include switching mode, start / stop time, & nature of work
Simulate & evaluate switching plans in all states prior to execution


Demand Side Management System

Intelligent Load Management
Demand Side Management
Time-of-Use Load Shifting
Reduce energy costs
Reduce peak MWh costs
Mvar and power factor penalties reduction
Improve system operation & stability
Increase equipment life
Increase system capacity


Electrical SCADA Features

Advanced alarm and event management
Online and historical data trending
SCADA communication through MODBUS/TCP-MODBUS
Optimization and automation


Supervisory control

Supports control features to assist operators to operate the electrical network safely and optimally.

Validation of enforcement of switching interlock logics
Automatic pre-switching & post-switching logic verification
Interlock based on switching devices positions
Automatic interlock conflict checking
Ability to model cascade control of switching devices
Active monitoring of switching interlock violations
Switching plan validation against hazardous actions


Communication Data Exchange Formats

Distributed Network Protocol - DNP3
Modbus® RTU and TCP
IEC 61850
IEC 60870-5 – 101/104
IEC 60870-6/TASE.2 / ICCP - client and server
OLE for Process Control - OPC DA
OPC Unified Architecture - OPC UA - client and server
CSV / Raw Data
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