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Tower infrastructure companies face many challenges in ensuring uninterrupted power supply to service provider equipment. They all operate in a highly competitive environment. Most of the sites are remotely located and almost all sites are unmanned. The organisation maintaining these sites face challenges in terms of Diesel Genset maintenance, Efficient Fuel management, allowing access only to authorised persons, very fast turnaround in case of problems etc.

Apex Com solution address all these challenges allowing effective remote management of sites while retaining the flexibility of local management. From a single location one can effectively manage hundreds of sites, thus reducing operational, maintenance costs and thefts.


Fault Management – Any fault occurring in any of the remote sites are immediately known to the operator in the control center and SMS is sent to the local technician responsible for the site.

Site Infrastructure Monitoring – All critical elements at the tower site such as Air conditioner, DG, tower lights, access control are constantly monitored by the system. Any fault is immediately communicated to the operator.

Fuel Management – Keeps track of fuel addition and usage and alerts in case of pilferages.

Access Control– Access to DG and other equipment is restricted. Any unauthorised access is noticed and alerted.

Enables accurate billing – The system keeps record of power supplied by DG and Mains to different users at the site. This helps in accurate billing for power and easy reconciliation with the users in case of disputes.

Flexible and affordable – No matter where the site is, GSM/GPRS is able to access systems using existing infrastructure and therefore does not require the installation of a fixed-line network.

Expandability – It is possible to bring newer equipment under monitoring with little or no additional cost, thus protecting the current investment.

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