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Water Treatment Plant & PUMP HOUSE

From the water source before the water is delivered to utilities or villages, the water is treated in a Water treatment plant. Treatment plant is designed based on the quality of input water. Depending on contamination and purity levels suitable purification stages are incorporated.

Various stages of treatment include Coagulation, softening, membranes, Sedimentation, filtration, adsorption, Sludge Treatment, pH correction, Chlorination. At every stage the quality of water is monitored using relevant sensors and data is sent to SCADA server for further analysis and action.




Water treatment and Distribution project in Nagaur cluster under the Govt of Rajasthan undertaking.

Treatment of Raw water and distribution of the subsequent clear water to the Nagaur cluster through fully automated pump houses and pipe lines extending up to 100kms. The cluster pumphouses each which holds an average of 20 MLD water is automated by Schneider M580 PLC with the upstream and downstream pumping interlocks.

Data from all the individual pump houses are remotely stored and also sent to the main control station for data monitoring and control. The uninterrupted data transmission and reception is achieved using modem communication. Critical data from remote locations are collected through the data loggers.

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