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Elevated Storage Reservoir

From pumping mains/ booster pumping station, the potable water for distribution to habitats will be stored in Elevated storage reservoir and from here on the stored water will be distributed based on pre fixed time schedule or on demand. The outlet valve will be controlled from master control room or else from local PLC control system installed below the ESR in a dedicated room. The level of ESR and flow from ESR will be continuously monitored from the control room. The control room will keep the valve open until either the configured volume of water is delivered or the level of ESR has reached a threshold limit.

The level and flow of the ESR will be sent via SMS/EMAIL/ VPN link to the master control room for necessary monitoring and action. GPRS/3G/LTE based modems, VSAT based network will provide the connectivity with the master control room. In locations where GRID power is not available, power is provided from batteries, which are in turn charged from Solar panels.


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