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An intelligent Fuel optimizer unit optimizes the usage of Genset operations in Telecom towers in the event of mains failure condition. Instead of turning on the Genset immediately upon mains failure, it checks the Shelter Battery Voltage condition as well as the Shelter Temperature before activating the starting of the Genset. By the optimized usage of Genset, this unit will reduce fuel consumption. This unit can be smoothly integrated to any AMF panel currently install in Telecom towers. it continuously monitors condition of EB supply healthy condition.


Microprocessor based design.
Auto / Manual Scrolling of Process parameters.
3Digit of 7Segment LED display for monitoring the process parameters.
Built-in Cyclic timers.
Built-in key pad for programming various set points.
Compatible for 24 & 48VDC BTS Battery System.
Lead Resistance compensation for RTD I/P.


LED Indications for monitoring Low Voltage & High Temperature conditions.
Logic Bypass Mode Selection.
Mains Failure detection.
Monitoring of DG Running Status.
Password controlled Set Points.
Re-Transmission output for Fails to Stop.
Selectable Rest Time Bypass Input.
Simulated Mains Output to interface with AMF Controller.
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