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HF Inverter

Sun Industrial Automation & Solutions, pioneers in the field of Industrial Automation and Embedded Systems, have successfully developed this powerful Home UPS using in-house technology and R&D facilities. The inverter is packed with latest features which are comparable to the best in the industry. This is a true DSP based sine wave inverter.

The Home ups is available in different ratings and battery voltages.


True DSP based Sine wave Home UPS
Dual loop control for high reliability.
Low current distortion and high PF during charging mode.
Five stage smart battery charging.
High efficiency charging & Extended battery life.
Fast changeover time.
High Inrush current handling capability.
RS-485 for monitoring (Optional)
Data logging with GPRS (Optional)
Available from 2.0 KVA to 5 KVA in wide voltage range
Data Center
Site Office
Farm house.
Apartment complexes.
Commercial establishments.



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