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Desalination Plants

Desalination plants employ different technologies for converting sea water into potable one. The technologies include Solar distillation, Vacuum Distillation, Multi-stage Flash distillation, Multiple-effect distillation, Vapor compression Distillation and Reverse osmosis, Electro-dialysis etc.

Desalination plants apart from potable water produce enormous outflow of brine which needs to be treated and chemicals and contaminations removed before let into the sea.

These plants require high degree of automation and continuous monitoring of water quality and effluents and the processes.


Desalination plant 3MLD

This project was executed for a large chemicals plant on Tamil Nadu coast. This is a desalination plant with Reverse Osmosis system and the automation is built with Schneider M340 platform PLC with Citect SCADA. The capacity is 3MLD with process equipment comprising of Flash mixer, Flocculation ,Dosing tanks for HCL, PE, Coagulant, HYPO, Anti-Scalant Dosing, Anti- oxidation dosing, Micron cartridge filter. The RO consists of 51 vessels and 6 element long.

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