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The Generator Safety Unit, GSU-905Dx is a complete digital console for generators to safeguard and monitor key parameters. GSU ensures extended lifetime of the DG and reduces downtime and maintenance costs and alerts in case of fuel pilferage. GSU allows safe starting of the engine through console or through a remote start output. GSU protects the system by shutting down, the moment it detects violation of safety.


Microprocessor based design.
1/4″ 7Segment RED LED Display to view the Engine Parameters from a long distance.
Compact Size, Elegant design, easy install.
Designed for Water/Air Cooled Engine.
Suitable for High Speed Engines.
Tamper proof Engine Running Hour counters.
Built-in key switch for ON/OFF control.


Push Buttons for Ignition & display scroll control.
Hold mode to monitor a particular parameter.
Facility for Remote Start/Stop from PIU/AMF even at a distance of 100Meters.
RS232 Communication Port-Optional.
Open Collector Output for Remote Telemetry of Fuel Level at 10%, 40% & 90%.
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