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SIAS remote monitoring solution is based on rugged hardware and highly available, configurable, extensible software platform. The solution includes a controller and GSM/GPRS modem (wireless) or Ethernet/IP (wireline) on the client (located at remote sites) and highly available software and server on the internet. The unit readily works with popular engine controllers for data acquisition.


Microprocessor based design.
Supports RS-232/485 serial to connect to controllers for data acquisition.
Built-in GSM/GPRS modem or Ethernet/IP.
Connectivity over GPRS or Broadband or VPN connections towards server.
Supports many popular engine controllers – selectable through configuration.
Fuel Management.
Instant fault alerts through SMS/Email.
Online monitoring of remote parameters from popular web browser
Analysis of old and current data through tables/graphs
Secured data storage and retrieval from always-on high-availability server.
Compact, easy to install low cost solution.
Store/Forward of critical data in case of connectivity problems.
Dashboard which display all the sites which is under fault condition and the current running DG’s.
Optional controls to switch ON/OFF DG, change to Auto/Manual modes.
Optional remote clearing of faults.
Near “Proximity” view and controlling assets through real-time web pages.
Remote control of asset from Web.
Storage of data in secured database.
Secured data storage and retrieval from always-on high-availability server.
Configurable alert notification.
Fault record access and updates from mobile phones.
Easy to navigate web pages/graphs for monitoring the asset.
Instant Alerts through SMS/Emails.
Fuel Management System.
Peak, Fuel usage analytics.
Web-based Administration of users/access/privileges.
Cross platform support.
Secured login and data access for maintenance/OEM users.
Live data viewing and graphs.
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