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Raw water/clear water pumping station design requires very good understanding of the water demand, ideal location of pumping stations, reservoir location, the terrain to which the water needs to be pumped etc.

Based on the above requirements, selection of pumps such as submersible or vertical turbine pump needs to be made. Depending on the delivery side, Booster pumps or High-Lift pumps needed to be incorporated.

For the pumps suitable Variable Speed drives, Valves, Motors, Suction and discharge piping valves, Air release, Vacuum relief and corresponding control system valves have to be selected based on capacity, pressure, flow and control requirements.

The choice of Flow Meters is made depending on accuracy, capacity, Diameter, reverse flow detection, tampering detection etc.

Pumping Station

Once the pumping and distribution becomes operational, it is essential to monitor the water output from pumping station and distribution network for billing and tracking for pilferages or leakages. In order to continuously monitor, flow meters at pumping stations and at delivery points, pressure transmitters at delivery locations and level transmitters in reservoirs are continuously monitored using data loggers and the data collected is sent to a server and the information is stored in data base for further analysis and reporting.

The data can be effectively used for generating reports on water delivered from each pumping station, water delivered to each village. Any sudden pressure variation can be monitored to detect pipe leakages or damages.

The data is also used in billing the end users, in this case municipalities or villages.


SIAS has executed several clear water pumping station projects with multiple transfer pumps for primary operation of water pumping and in the event of failure of primary pump, standby pump will start automatically from PLC/SCADA system. The pump house will have electrical switch gear for pumps and suction/discharge valves. The PLC/SCADA panel will interface with the pump HT/LT panel for pump start/stop operation, valve open/close commands. The temperature sensor for winding and bearing temperature for each pump will be connected to the PLC/SCADA for monitoring/interlock purpose. Sump level, Water inlet/outlet flow meter, pump discharge pressure, suction/discharge, valve positions are displayed in the SCADA.

The pump electrical parameters are displayed in a separate graphic page

The control / monitoring application design is implemented with Schneider M580 PLC and Citect SCADA system.

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