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32 bit ARM controller based compact Design.
User Defined Display
Graphics Display
Total Run hour
Event Based Run Hour
Battery Strength
Designed for air /water cooled, high speed engines.
Configurable for pulse and gear ratios
Frequency - 1500/3000 RPM
Supports RS-485 MODBUS enabling PLC integration
LED Indications for monitoring Low Voltage & High Temperature conditions.
Connection Diagram

ST 90 is an indigenously developed digital Tachometer designed to work in tough industrial environments. Efficiently monitors engines in Diesel gensets or engine only applications for measuring the RPM. ST-90 takes input from Charging Alternator pulse or through Magnetic pick up. Provided with user configurable keys, ST 90 exhibits engine RPM, run hours in clear backlit LCD display. Also has the ability to monitor and display battery voltage. Sun Smart Tacho meter has undergone type test as per IEC 60068 series.


Parameter Range
Operating Voltage 8V to 36 V DC
Operating Range - 30 to 80 Deg C
Display Backlit Graphic LCD
Mounting Flush, Circular 85mm Dia.
Mounting Type Panel Mounting
Pulse Input Charging Alt Freq pulse / MPU Signal
Connector Type ---
Easy Operation
Operating Voltage By configuring the minimum RPM upon which the Engine can be declared ON
Sensing through MPU or Charging Alternator Pulse Unit can sense the RPM through either of these methods by choosing the required option.
RPM Range Can choose 1500 or 3000 RPM.
Teeth Count This needs to be chosen for MPU type sensing.
Charging Alternator Frequency To be set if Charging Alternator is used in sensing
Scrolling/Static Display Display can be made to auto-scroll
PLC/IOT Interfacing Supports RS-485/MODBUS for third party interface.


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