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Sewage Treatment consists of several stages such as Primary, Secondary and Tertiary and Fourth stage. Each stage consists of several sub processes. The entire plant is to be designed in such a way that it is environmentally friendly, No odour etc. The plant is to be designed and automated in such a way that the plant’s uptime is very high and it consumes least power.

SIAS has executed several projects in this domain automating the plants for various stages. Automation including control or motors, monitoring levels in chambers control of valves, monitoring sensors for water impurities etc.


Sewage treatment plant commissioned for Larsen and Toubro to the Nellore Municipal corporation.

The Raw sewage collected is pumped to the Pre-treatment unit using submersible pumps which are automated based on the priority selection considering failure of any pumps. The fully automated Pre-treatment unit includes the Mechanical Grit chamber for collecting the sewage from the coarse screen, Grit classifier for segregating the grit from the sewage and an Organic return pump. Crucial operation interlocks are implemented for the Centrifuge, Dosing and the Sludge sections. Critical data’s are stored and monitored for efficient operation.

LT feeder panel and switch gears for controlling the motors, agitators and blowers were supplied. SIASPL has successfully commissioned similar 11MLD and 20MLD Sewage Treatment plants.

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