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WIMS is a total solution for irrigation water distribution consisting of monitoring, control, communication, instrumentation, automation and server storage and application capabilities. The system is capable of delivering water to agriculture field based on the farmer/land and crop profiles.

The system is built on Field level distribution system at the lowest level. This basic unit consists of multiple control valves to control water flow to agriculture fields, flow and pressure transmitter to monitor inlet flow rate and pressure, air release system and wireless communication system(using GSM/GPRS/4G) for communication with the server. This basic unit is enclosed in a weather proof enclosure with sufficient battery. The system will continuously monitor pressure, flow rate, cumulative flow, solar power and battery voltage and logs the data in local storage. The data is periodically uploaded to the server through gateway. The system has the capability to store data for the previous one month and can be downloaded into a PC.

The outlet management unit can be powered using Solar panels. The battery can be sized depending on power autonomy required for the site.

The controller node communicates with the SCADA/Storage server to receive water distribution schedule and distributes it to outlet management unit using wireless network. The controller also acquires pressure, flow and alarms from remote outlet management units and uploads them to the server.

The server has the capability to store water requirement profile for different crops, field and specific farmer requirements. The system allocates the quantum of water based on these parameters and issues command to OMS to release accordingly.

The system also has a farmer/User portal to allow them to decide on the distribution schedule. The portal also provides for water on-demand for farmers/users.

The system can also be easily extended with external payment system to make the water distribution a paid service. The system can also be extended to validate farmer identity through AADHAR identification (UID) system.


Monitoring of Flow and pressure
Data Upload Interval – 15 Min. to 24 hours.
Internal storage – up to 8000 records.
Controlling Valve through Relay/Solenoid.
MPPT charging from Solar Panels.
Pulse or 4-20 mA Voltage input sensing.
Data upload through mail/CSV files.
Data Transfer – GPRS/4G
GPS for Location
IP65 enclosure
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