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Auto Mains Failure (AMF) Panel

Auto Main Failure Panels, also known as AMF panels, are used to automatically changeover from SEB (State Electricity Board) Supply to stand-by Generator (or) Genset on failure of the SEB supply. When the SEB supply is restored, the system automatically changes back from Genset to SEB and stops the Genset. Once the Power supply is transferred from Genset to SEB Supply, after a cool down period the AMF Controller shuts down the Genset.

While we offer standard AMF Panel with intelligent controller built-in to take care of complete Engine Safeties and also to change over the SEB Supply & Genset Supply. We also manufacture and supply AMF (Auto Mains Failure) Panels as per the customer/client specific requirements. These panels are used for controlling power supply in various industries like processing plants, Hospitals, Shopping Malls, theatres and wherever the power supply is critical.


We offer Remote Monitoring Solutions as an optional feature in the AMF Panels as a part of our IOT Solution. The user can

access the Genset information & parameters such as Lube Oil Pressure, Coolant Temperature, Fuel Level, Engine Run Hours etc., from anywhere using the Web Based application comes along with the Remote Monitoring System. User can also do starting/stopping of Genset through Mobile as and when it required. Whenever any fault occur the system connected with the AMF Controller will send an immediate alert to the customer / to the preprogrammed mobile Number. The Remote Monitoring system not only send the fault/event records but also send the maintenance alert to the user. This will user to keep the Genset in good condition all the time.


Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) Panel

ATS panels detect when the mains electricity supply fails and sends a signal to the emergency generator control panel to start the generator.

ATS includes a 4-pole Automatic Changeover Device, Phase Failure Detection Relay, Timers and a Generator Control Relay etc., It is available from 63A up to 3200A rating. We can also supply the ATS Panel with Load Distribution panel on request.



Auto Synchronization Panel

Synchronizing panel will operate on an Automatic Mains Failure system, so that whenever the main supply is interrupted/failure on one or all phases the generator sets will start-up automatically. After an initial warm-up period the generators will synchronize with each other through a set of Power Contactor, Motorized Circuit Breakers (or) Air Circuit Breaker onto a common Busbar. There after the respective outgoing feeders can be operated automatically/manually for further extending the power to the respective loads.

The load share units continuously monitor the load and during low demand periods one or two generators will be shut down to save on fuel consumption. If the power demand rises again the second generator and third generator will be restarted, synchronized and reconnected to the load.

When the AMF control unit detects that the main supply has been restored, after mains healthy check timer is elapsed, before the main supply is reconnected to the load. Once the mains supply is transferred to the load, a cool down period will then follow, after which the generator sets will be shut down.


Key features of Generator Control & Synchronization Panel

3-pole or 4-pole system as per customer requirement
Option for transferring the Loads through Power Contactors/MCCB/ACBs
Dedicated Synchronization Controller for each DG Set
Ingress Protection class IP 52 by default. IP 55 / 65 Panels can also offered
Load sharing / Load shedding options available
Automatic Synchronizing
Ratings up to 4200A
Control functions available for Engine Monitoring, Warm-up & Cool down Periods, Emergency Shutdown, Multi Attempt Engine Start Control, and Engine Test Runs.
Optional features of Generator Control & Synchronization Panel
Manual Synchronization
Alarm Annuciator for operator to monitor the faults easily
PLC Based Synchronization System
Remote Monitoring System
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