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This SMPS based charger is used to charge any chargeable Battery up to 12V @ 150AH rating.


Microprocessor based design.
It will operate from low line voltage of 150 V AC and Maximum voltage of 300 V AC.
Available in small size.
Maintain constant voltage through out the line voltage variation.
This battery charger protected against the Input voltage,Temparature,Reverse polarity, Over Load.
High Efficiency and Hence Less Heat.
Charger on LED will indicate the charger is ready for charging the battery.
Reverse Battery Led shall glow when Battery is connected in wrong polarity once the Battery is connected properly; this Led is in off state.


Trickle Led shall Glow when Battery is connected to the charger. This Led shall be in off condition when the battery is under Boost mode. Once the battery is fully charged, current requirement of battery will comedown and Charger is Trickle mode.
Boost LED shall glow when Battery charger is working under Boost mode. This indicates that energy available at Battery is low and Battery Charger is supplying more than 20% of rated current to battery to keep charging. Under Boost Mode the battery will take normally 8 to 12 hours to charge completely. Once the battery is fully charged Battery charger will go to trickle mode and Boost Led is in off state.
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