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The GSU-904 is a Manual Generator Safety Unit designed to take care of the safeties of the engine. The Engine can be started from the key switch which is connected to the starter motor through the Generator Safety Unit. The generator can be started only if the same is permitted by the Generator Safety Unit. After ensuring inner functions of all safeties, the engine is allowed to be started through key switch or externally.


Microprocessor based design.
1/4″7Segment RED LED Display to view the RPM.
Designed for Water/Air Cooled Engine.
Screw type terminals for connecting all Engine Safeties.
Suitable for High Speed RPM Engine.
Built-in Under Speed & Over Speed detection.
Protects Engine from seizures/Air Locking.


Compact, easy to install.
Lower down time.
Single console replacing the gauges.
24×7 Service Helpline.
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