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SUN make MICRO ALARM is an intelligent Alarm Annunciator designed with superior Micro controller Technology. This Annunciator also possess additional feathers on its cap viz., super bright LED facia, universal power supply, convenience to program at site, converging technology for easy maintenance and troubleshooting to take care of very high level of performance standards set by the present Switchgear and Automation Industry. MICRO ALARM Annunciator is designed around a popular Micro controller giving you the ultimate flexibility for its intended use without sacrificing the ease of operation and reliability. MICRO ALARM meets all the requirements of various users from different application segments.


Microprocessor based design.
MICRO ALARM has economically designed metal enclosure to improve its Immunity against magnetic and electrical field surrounding them.
Based on the state of the art Micro controller technology.
Incorporates 2 banks of super bright LEDs in every window (RED & YELLOW) Dynamically selected by the controller depending on TRIP/NON TRIP Window selection.
Suitable for NO/NC type of faults site selectable.
Universal power supply allows operation of the unit for supply voltages 90-270V AC/DC.
The power supply offers not only high noise immunity to the unit but also wide input supply variation. Offers individual facia modules for windows. This allows the user to change the legends individually.
One RS485 communication port available as standard option provided with MODBUS Slave Protocol for easy interface to all standard PLC/DCS systems available in the plant.
Tested for Noise test/Impulse Test & Environmental Test as per the standards.
Optional facility to configure one window for DC FAIL indication. Provision is made to connect an AC Bell and AC Aux.Supply for this purpose.
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