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Circulation cooling water system

Cooling towers are necessary in plants where unwanted heat needs to be removed from the process. In most of the cases, water is the most economical carrier of this heat and the same needs to be cooled so that the heat is released. SIAS has designed and automated such cooling towers for various industries. The automation include Pump house, water inlet, temperature monitoring, complete monitoring SCADA and the required communication infrastructure.


The Circulating Cooling Water (CCW) system of 2X520 MW Vizag Thermal Power Project has 4 No’s Vertical Turbine Pumps. To cater the requirement of one 520MW (Pumphouse-1), 2 No’s (2X50% capacity) VT pumps are provided in CCW pump house. For both pump houses, common Electrical & Control Room is provided. Operation of the CCW Pumps, all auxiliaries / drives and the discharge HOPD valves is possible from PLC, located in common Pump House control room. All IO’s related to CCW Pump and its auxiliaries shall be connected to common junction box (one for eachpump set) near CCW pump in pump house and wired up to PLC panel in pump house control room. All the signals required for monitoring/supervision of the sea water intake system parameters are provided in main plant DCS from Sea water intake PLC via Fiberoptic cable. Communication between PLC and DCS shall be through OPC or MODBUS protocol.

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