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SIAS has executed several projects in Dairy automation domain and have developed expertise using latest technology tools and a dedicated team of engineers focusing on Integrated Dairy Process Automation. We have over 11 years of association with Aavin - A Tamilnadu state government dairy units located at multiple cities & town across Tamil Nadu.

SIAS has supplied Schneider based Complete Dairy Automation SCADA system to Aavin Dairy with a handling capacity of 5 lakh liters per day at Sholinganallur, Chennai. SIAS has also have supplied Integrated Dairy Automation SCADA system at Aavin Coimbatore

SIAS's Integrated Dairy Process Automation package ensures no manual intervention and smooth coordination of individually automated processes from Tanker Reception, Pasteurization, Homogenization, up to CIP. The SIAS dairy automation ensures proper synchronization & handshaking of individual processes to ensure seamless integration resulting in uninterrupted production and assured quality output.

SIAS is also closely associated with IDMC Limited for various projects in Dairy Automation.


Benefits of SIAS Integrated Dairy Process Automation:

Smooth sequencing & Coordination of processes viz. Pasteurization, Homogenization, CIP etc.
Complete Control & Monitoring of Total Dairy Process
Assured availability of individual process systems with uninterrupted production
Availability of overall Sequence Of Events (SOE), Trend & Historian data of all the Dairy Processes
Ease of Operation, Maintenance & Trouble shooting


SIAS offers full-fledged end to end Dairy Process Automation solution from Reception bay- Unloading to RMST- Pasteurization-Loading to PMST - Dispatch & CIP operations.

Our Dairy Automation Capabilities include:
PLC/SCADA based Integrated Automation of Dairy Processes
PLC based Automation of all the individual Dairy Processes
Interfacing & Integration of individual Dairy processes to centralized SCADA
Interfacing & Integration of newly added dairy process to existing SCADA

Our expertise and availability of existing software tools to automate the following Dairy processes:

Milk Reception Bay Automation
Raw Milk Loading
Cream Separation
Cream Processing
Clean In Position (CIP) process
Integrating of all the above processes to central SCADA system
Tanker Milk Reception Bay Automation:

SCADA tightly integrated with the quality process ensure only quality raw material is allowed into the system. SCADA also enables product tracking based on date, weight, supplier etc.

Unloading Line - Tanker to Raw Milk Storage Tank (RMST)

Automated loading of Raw Milk Storage Silos is executed after ensuring the sequence of ‘Tank Level >> Destination Valve >> Source Valve >> Pump’ availability. The timer based Product Push process loads the Raw Milk to RMST thru Flow Meter Totalizer, measuring on-line the volume of milk loaded.

Pasteurizer Cream Dosing in Balance tank

Pasteurized chilled cream dosing to provide for high fat Standardized milk preparation as per requirement. Quantity of cream & flow rate of cream are controlled thru SCADA by VFD based screw pump.

Reconstitution Section (Reconstituted Milk/RCM/Recon)

Recon preparation is done thru Central SCADA. SMP bags will be manually stacked in the RCM section and carried to the stage (beside the turbo blender) feeding SMP manually to the turbo blender. RCM Storage Tank will be used for RCM preparation thru timer based Water push – Product push process.

Cream Processing Section

Cream Separation by Clearing & De-creaming to isolate the cream, which is moved in to and out of Cream Storage Tank (CST) by Screw Pump ensuring sequence of valve opening, closing & cream level thru SCADA. The cream from CST is fed to Cream Pasteurizer for SCADA controlled slow rate of heating and then chilling for optimum stability of cream. The pasteurized cream is stored in Pasteurized Cream Storage Tank (PCST). Pasteurized cream is also sent to butter section and dosing header for adding fat to skimmed milk for prescribed fat content.

Rinse Milk Section (RNSM)

The milk left over in pipe line and various process lines are water pushed thru SCADA controlled timer and the recovered milk is collected in Rinse Milk Tank. The milk is recovered thru heating and removing the water content to get Milk Powder. There are three Individual stages in SCADA controlled Rinse Milk processing 1. Rinse Milk Recovery for recovering milk left over in general feed lines & Individual Process lines 2. Rinse Milk Chilling & Storage to chill the recovered milk and storing 3. Rinse Milk Transfer to heating & powdering process.

Rinse Milk Recovery from CIP Section

During SCADA controlled CIP of any process area (Route), remaining milk solids in line or process will be recovered through CIP return line.

Process CIP

Clean in Place (CIP) is a process to clean pipe lines, tanks and vessels without dismantling. Various cleaning substances like chemicals & lye are circulated from respective tanks. SCADA ensures the sequence of CIP with single CIP Circuit having multiple no. of routes. Route is the specific flow path of CIP solution through the area/parts/lines/tank to be subjected for CIP and its front end is connected with the supply header of a circuit and its rear end is connected with return header of same circuit to return the solution back to tank after CIP process if the solution is reusable or else to drain.

Utility section

The total Utility section is automated in pumping in and out of the required service closely timed and controlled thru SCADA. The Utility services involved are 1.Bulk Acid Storage tank 2.Steam condensate section 3.Soft water distribution 4.Raw water distribution 5. Chilled water distribution section 6.Air distribution section.

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