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Low power Sleep mode support
Solar powered/Externally powered.
Data Logging Interval – 1 Sec. to 24 hours
Data Upload Interval – 5 Min. to 24 hours.
Internal storage – up to 6000 records
Flow measurement through Pulse using 2 wire Dry Contact or 4-20mA
Pressure measurement: 0 to 10 kg per square cm. (Honeywell)(Optional)
Optional Level sensing.

RDL-904S remote monitoring solution is a rugged hardware platform rechargeable battery/Solar powered, meant for logging data from power pressure transmitter and monitors pulses/4-20 mA from an external flow meter. The unit has additional input to read level information through 4-20mA from level transmitter. The solution includes a controller and GSM/GPRS modem, and two additional digital inputs for monitoring. Data is sent to centrally located server through GPRS/GSM at programmed frequency through HTTP format. The data collected can be used to monitor flow and pressure to detect leakages, if any. The unit is powered through external power source.


Can be powered by Solar.
Low power data logging
Optional measurements through pulse or 4-20 mA.
Pressure measurement telemetry
Gas/Water pipeline monitoring.
Uploading through GPRS.
Periodic update of data through HTTP.
Monitors flow meter through pulse
Built-in GSM/GPRS modem.
Optional built-in ressure Transmitter.
Programmable data upload interval.
Supports HTTP mode of transfer
Compact, easy to install solution.
Single unit to monitor pressure and flow and level.
Single unit to monitor pressure and flow and level.


Data upload through HTTP.
Low power pressure transmitter support.
Data Transfer – GPRS
GSM – Dual Band [900/1800]
IP67 enclosure
External Antenna
Pressure transmitter Accuracy ± 0.25 %
Dimension (in mm) 300x251X101
Dimension (in mm) 300x251X101
Weight – Approximate - 4 KG
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